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Keeping Archies Skin Soft & Eczema Free With Aveeno Baby

Aveeno Baby

As a mum I always want and try to do the very best when it comes to caring for Archie. One thing that I've really struggled with over the year has been finding the right products to use on his delicate skin. Right from the go Archie has suffered with really dry skin and I remember a few weeks after he was born he came out in little red raised pimples over his arms, legs and face which had me taking a trip down to the doctors right away. I was told that it was nothing to worry about and that he just had a bout of dry skin. We were prescribed some Zero cream for him, which did help to soothe out this skin a little, but the raised pimples remained. I wouldn't go as far to say Archie has severe Eczema, but he does have very sensitive dry skin and the raised pimples on his skin come and go and can flare up at anytime. It's always made me a little wary about what I've used on his skin as I would hate to use anything that caused his skin to aggravate any more. I started using Burts Baby Bees for a little while as they are natural products, but they never really cleared his skin. However it was recently I started seeing Aveeno baby advertised everywhere and I started reading other parents reviews and heard that it was great for babies with dry, eczema prone skin, so I knew I had to give it ago.

That week I popped into Superdrug and picked up the moisturiser, shampoo & body wash and cleansing milk. The reason why I'm typing this post up today, is because I'm blown away at just how amazing this range is and Archies skin has never felt so soft. I'll admit I had extremely high hopes for the Aveeno Baby products and for that first week I was constantly checking Archies skin to feel if there had been any changes. Let me tell you after two days I began to see a massive difference and I was so shocked and happy at the same time to finally have found something that had worked so well. I've been using the range for two weeks now and whilst Archie still has the little pimples on some areas of his body, they are barely noticeable and no where near as raised as they used to be. The biggest improvement I've seen on his skin is on his cheeks, and his face is now pretty much clear which is just a little miracle. I've looked online for blog posts on Aveeno baby products and couldn't find much out there, so I thought I'd get this post up as I know it will be useful for all you mummies out there.

Aveeno Baby

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Cleansing Milk; This is one of my favourite products in the Aveeno Baby range. This cleansing milk is soap free and makes Archies skin feel so soft. It's really easy to use and is perfect for those evenings where we may get back late in the evening and don't have the time to bath Archie. The cleansing milk can be applied with a cotton pad and doesn't need any rinsing which what makes it so perfect for us busy mums. I sometimes use this throughout the day if Archie has gotten really messy, which lets face it is more often than I'd like lol; he makes such a mess at meal times and the cleansing milk is perfect for cleaning him down after any messy activity. Its fantastic on those really delicate areas of skin like his face or nappy area. Also I've used this a couple of times to remove my makeup and it works an absolute treat.

Aveeno Baby

Aveeno Daily Care Baby Hair & Body Wash; I start Archies Bath time with this, its a really gentle body wash and it cleans Archie down perfectly. Like all babies, he's extremely messy and after a day of playing and eating he's covered in all sorts. I use this all over Archies body and use it to wash his hair and it always leaves it feeling lovely and soft. I just love how gentle this formula is and there's no tears if any of the product gets in his eyes. I don't know too much about how oatmeal products work, but I just feel that using this gentle soap is doing Archies skin the world of good.

Aveeno Baby
Aveeno Baby

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Moisturising Lotion; This is the product from the Aveeno baby range that I'm totally obsessed with and the one that I've stocked up on. I use this every night on Archies skin without fail and since I started using it, his skin has never felt so soft. It's really gentle and can be used all over his body. I've noticed such a massive difference and improvement in Archies skin and I think its the moisturiser that's helped the most with combating those dry areas and helping to reduce the little bumps that he sometimes gets. The moisturiser is not to heavy or thick and quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving it feel sticky. I don't know about anyone else's babies, but Archie really hates putting his pjs on after lotion being put on him, but with this he doesn't mind at all and I get no nightmare baby before bed time.

Honestly I can't recommend the Aveeno baby range enough and I won't be using anything else on Archies skin because everything here works so well. Superdrug have better than half price deals on all of these products right now, so its the perfect time to give them a try and stock up. I'm really tempted to try some of the Aveeno products for adults now, it's a brand that I've never tried until now, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Whats your favourite products to use on your little one?


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  1. I'm not a baby but I have eczema and I use these products to help battle, my very dry scaly skin. I use the body wash and the body lotion, the body wash I tend to use it in the winter time. That's when I find I have the most eczema flare ups, I use the lotion during the summer just to keep my skin happy. For those days where I find I want a whole body relief Aveeno makes a oat meal soothing treatment, you just add to your bath water. This was such a great post and thanks for sharing !!

    Katie |


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