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Girls With Attitude 'The Ultimate Goddess Palette' | First Impressions and Mini Review

Girls With Attitude 'The Ultimate Goddess Palette'

Theres a new eyeshadow palette on the scene and its from one of my favourite brands Girls With Attitude. I think it was either last week or the week before Girls With Attitude released their latest addition to their makeup collection, the 'Ultimate Goddess' Palette and all ready I'm obsessed and I know you guys will love seeing it up close and taking a look at some swatches.

Girls With Attitude 'The Ultimate Goddess Palette'
Girls With Attitude 'The Ultimate Goddess Palette'

Some of my all time favourite palettes are from Girls With Attitude and I'm always swapping and changing them around in my makeup bag. I've done reviews on all three palettes before if you want to check them out (here) but I'd have to say so far the 'Enchanting' Palette has been my most loved. The shadows in these palettes have never disappointed and I've always been blown away with how silky and buttery the shadows are which make blending these out so easy. So when my Ultimate Goddess palette arrived the other week, needless to say I was so excited and had to take blog photos right away so I could start using it.

First off, lets talk packaging! For me looks wise this is by far the prettiest palette Girls With Attitude have released. The palette is covered with pink/rose gold glitter which sparkles in every direction. Just for this reason alone I think every girl needs it in their makeup bag because lets face it you can never have enough sparkle and this palette has it in abundance. I love the Rose Gold GWA logo on the front too, again this is something new for their palettes and I think it's a lovely little touch. For me packaging is all about the details and I love how GWA have really thought about making this palette special. Theres also a decent sized mirror inside which is perfect for applying the shadows. 

Girls With Attitude 'The Ultimate Goddess Palette'

There are eighteen shadows in total that come inside, which is a lot more than what you get with other eyeshadow palettes. I was blown away when I had my first close up look at the Ultimate Goddess palette, each shade is so beautiful which makes it so impossible to pick a favourite. One things for sure, there are so many makeup looks to be created. For me this palette really focuses around the summer months and the warmer weather and I say this because of the colours that GWA have picked; Theres some really pretty golds, coppers and pink toned shades in there which are perfect for the sunshine weather. What I'm really drawn to though, is the orange and warm toned red shades as I think they are a little bit more daring (for me anyway) and think they are going to look amazing on those summer nights. The shadow I'm most excited about is 'Spice' as I've never seen or owned any shadow like it; It's a sort of mix between a coral and burned orange and it's stunning. I also love the metallic shimmers in the palette which are Soft Gold, Moonlight, Latte, Rose Gold and Copper, I promise you these shades are just as pretty as they sound.

Girls With Attitude 'The Ultimate Goddess Palette'

The palette also has some darker toned browns and greys which are great if you love going for a smokey eye. I think the palette has been so well thought out as the all the shades really compliment one another and like I said earlier theres so many looks to be created, so I'm going to have a lot of fun playing around with this one. I've only had this palette for a short while, but I've been using it everyday and I'm happy to say that shadows are so lovely to use and are just as good, if not better than the other GWA palettes. I love how pigmented the shadows are and I only need to lightly dust my brush in the pan to pick up a lot of product.

This palette gets a huge thumbs up from me and I just know its going to be my new favourite. You can pick one up direct from the Girls With Attitude website here for £14.99, which is such a bargain. I've not done any makeup looks on my blog for the longest of time, so if you would like to see some eye looks that I've created with this palette then please let me know.

Whats shadows would you put together for the Ultimate Goddess look? Let me know



  1. Ooh this looks lovely! I'm loving GWA lately, I love their mermaid-inspired pieces and everything is just SO pretty. Their Mermaid Fantasy lashes are by far my faves - I want this palette so badly!

    Sarah xx |

  2. my god I am now even more desperate to get my hands on this palette... it looks stunning ❤.xx

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