Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Archie's 15 Month Update

It's been ages since I last updated you all on Archie, 5 months to be precise and I'm kicking myself a little bit for leaving things for so long as so much has changed in that time. I love these posts and sharing with you all the things my little bubble is getting up too, but I mainly love these posts because they're great for me to look back on and its almost like a little diary entry. I don't even know where to start as he's come on so much since his 10 month update (here).

Moving Around 

I guess I should start with the biggest change and its one thats only really happened in the last few weeks and that is Archie is a fully walking tot. It's taken him a lot of bumps over the last month or so to get things right, but he's now fully on the move and there is no stopping him. His little walking journey began with him trying to balance on his own; I was always trying to help and encourage him with this by holding him under his armpits and letting go whilst I was sat opposite him. He would do this for ages, until he finally became a little more confident and found his feet. The next step was getting him to walk everywhere around our home whilst holding our hands, he absolutely loved this and again it really helped him to find his feet. Archie then started practicing on his own, taking two or three steps at a time before landing on his padded bottom. It was only three weeks ago that everything just clicked for him and he's now walking everywhere, so much so that I hardly see him crawl anymore. It makes me so happy seeing his walk about, and when he's feeling cheeky or mischievous his walk turns into a little stumbley run which is just the cutest (you really have to hear the sounds he makes whilst he does this). Archie walking does mean my life officially got 100 times harder and I'm currently looking to buy him some reins so he can walk with me when we go out shopping etc. When we had those really hot days last week, we went for a picnic in the park and he just kept walking off, nightmare I tell you.

Temper Tantrums

From a really positive with the walking, I'm moving onto more of a negative and that is Archie's temper, its sometimes quite shocking. I thought the terrible twos were supposed to be the start of temper tantrums, but Archie has decided he wants to start early. I think every parent must go though these nightmare moments with their little ones, and its something that I really struggle with. Archie is so strong minded at such an early stage in his life and as soon as I say no, or move him away from something he shouldn't be getting into, I get a nightmare baby; He will literally scream the place down with those forced false tears and his body will go all stiff and rigid. Some days are worse than others, but on a bad day where he's wanting to grab all those naughty or dangerous things I find it really hard to keep my cool and not loose my patience. For me the difficultly is not being able to explain to him why he shouldn't do certain things because he just doesn't understand. I try and distract him with something else, and if the tantrum is really bad I try and talk calmly to him and help him get through whatever has upset him at the time. I'm not really sure if I'm doing the right thing, but when he goes off on one, my neighbours must be thinking I must torture my baby because his screams are that bad.

How Many Teeth?

I think Archie is a bit of a late developer when it comes to teeth, a lot of my friends babies have much more and are younger than him. So far he has seven, four on the top and three on the bottom and is not showing any signs of getting anymore anytime soon. I count my blessings as Archie has been so good throughout all his teething and it doesn't seem to bother him too much (I really hope I've not spoken too soon lol). He's had the usual red rosy cheeks, lots of dribble and the acidic poo's but thats about it. He's always more than happy to have a cuddle when he's a little bit distressed, I guess theres nothing like a cuddle of your mum.

Feeding Time

Food has been a bit of a tricky one over the last few months. When we first started weaning Archie he ate absolutely anything and everything that was given to him. Now he's really selective with his food and the food he gobbled up two weeks ago will be thrown on the floor today. Dinner time is always the worst and he's really selective about what he eats. I'm already at the stage where I'm trying to add and disguiuse veggies in his meals that I've blended up. One thing that I slowly figured out is that come dinner time, Archie really wants to feed himself and its when I try and spoon feed him that he kicks ups fuss. I don't really know why its just at dinner time this happens beacuse he will take his morning porridge of the spoon just fine, who knows? Most of the time I try to make his food finger sized so he can feed himself and at least that way I know he's eating most of the food put in front of him. Also why is it babies chuck all their food on the floor as soon as their done? I feel that a good proportion of my day is spent picking up food of the floor and cleaning the highchair, talk about that mum life!

Interaction and All The Best Bits

In the last few months I see changes in Archie every single day when it comes to him interacting with me and other people. Despite the temper tantrums and the battle with food, Archie is the most sweetest and most loving little boy. He is such a sociable baby, which is really lovely to see, although it does mean he wants my full attention every second that he's awake. There are so many moments that make my heart melt, dancing and laughing as he runs away from his nappy changes are just a few. Yesterday I was watching something on tv and the audience on the show started clapping and he clapped along with them every time, it was just the cutest. He loves to climb and anytime I'm laying down on the floor with him, he will just come and sit on my belly and use me as his personal rocking horse. Archie also loves giving hugs, my favourite thing ever is when he just comes up to me and puts his arms around my neck, I love it and will never ever get over that feeling of him returning my love.

Archie's speech is also starting to come along really well, he can now say daddy in a very baby sort of way and only says it when his dad is around, he can also say 'ma ma' although its not to me or at me, but I'm working on that one with him lol. His favourite word and the one he also knows the meaning to is 'up' whenever he wants picking up he scrunches his little fingers up and down and repeats 'up' till  he is up. He also uses 'up' when he wants to go down which is quite funny.

In terms of development, I think Archie is coming along really well and his hand eye coordination is really improving, he can now place his big blocks on top of one another and loves his stacking cups. And when he's not focused of pulling everything out of every cupboard or draw, he really content with playing with his toys.

I think this sums up everything that's gone on with Archie over the last few months. I know it's quite a long update, but like I say I've been a bit slack with these posts and there was a lot to catch up on. Do let me know how your little one is coming along, I'd love to hear about all this mischief their getting into.



  1. Reuben has tantrums and is only 8 months, god help me!! Archie is so cute though, it's probably just boys being naughty boys!! I'm dreading Reuben starting to walk too, he's so close already! x

    Gemma Louise

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