Tuesday, 13 June 2017

PROVOKE Touch Of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner | Keeping My Blonde Hair Blonde

PROVOKE Touch Of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

Rewind to this time last year, I made the decision to ditch my dark brown hair and return to my natural mousey blonde hair. It had been a long time since I had seen my natural hair colour, I mean years. I had never been a fan of my natural hair colour so decided to lighten it up a bit and go for a dip dye ombre look as I thought it would be a lot easier to maintain; Roots are not so much of a big deal when you're not dying your hair all over. Going back to blonde was all good in hindsight, but I had forgotten just how much upkeep blonde hair needs. It wasn't long before my blonde started turning a horrible brassy shade of ginger and orange and for the best part of a year I struggled with trying to keep my blonde locks looking good.

So I turned to social media and cried out for help and so many of you told me to try the PROVOKE Touch of Silver Shampoo and Conditioner as it would save my blonde hair. Over the year I've tried a few toners and purple shampoos but I was never really impressed with them or saw any noticeable change, so I didn't have massively high hopes for the PROVOKE products, but I was so wrong to doubt anyone who told me they we're amazing.

Just two weeks after purchasing this shampoo and conditioner, I have hair that I'm really happy with and I'm loving the way my blonde hair looks (apart from the fact it needs dying again desperately lol). Just after one wash, I saw such a difference and the lighter highlights in my hair were looking light and we're a bright ash blonde. My hair was looking so dull before and I was just amazed at how well the shampoo and conditioner brightened things up after one wash. I've been using this twice a week for two weeks now and I just needed to type up and post and shout to the roof tops just how much I love PROVOKE. 
PROVOKE Touch Of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner
PROVOKE Touch Of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

Colour aside, the PROVOKE shampoo and conditioner is lovely to use and always leaves my hair feeling soft and really manageable for styling. The only thing I don't like it that the shampoo doesn't lather up that much and as I have really long hair I have to use quite a bit of product to make my hair feel really clean, but other than that I can't fault it. The conditioner is also lovely to use and I love that I can see the purple in my hair while I leave it to work its magic for a few minutes; In my mind I'm getting really excited that my hair will be transformed by the time its washed out lol.

So yes, I love PROVOKE and I think I've found a forever shampoo and conditioner that I will continue to pick up as long as I have blonde hair. If you're having similar blonde hair dramas, I 100% recommend picking this up, theres a reason why everyone blondie raves about Touch of Silver and thats because it's amazing and actually works!

Have you got any tips for keeping blonde hair looking great? Let me know



  1. I definitely need to pick these up for my balayage, saw you post about them on insta and they sounded so good! x

    Gemma Louise

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