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Girls With Attitude Marble and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes | Review

Girls With Attitude Marble and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

I think you guys know now that I think Girls With Attitude have the prettiest makeup brushes around, if you follow me on Instagram (here) you will always see me posting pictures of my GWA makeup brush collection. Well, recently my favourite brush brand released their most Instagramable makeup brushes ever, like honestly they're just goals. We all know Marble and Rose Gold are such a hit with us Instagram babes and these brushes combine the two. Just look at the pictures, you really don't need me to tell you just how beautiful these brushes are and how they just tick every box. The design is so beautiful, I love the marble handles and the Rose Gold hardware is just dreamy; Yep I'm one of those girls who loves Rose Gold Everything. As you can see I'm obsessed with the design and look of these brushes, but over the last month I've been using them non stop and feel that I can give you guys a full review of the collection and let you know just how well I get on with each brush.

Girls With Attitude Marble and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes
Girls With Attitude Marble and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

The Girls With Attitude Marble Brush collection has seven brushes in total and as with every GWA brush they are all cruelty free and vegan, which is something I always go for with my makeup brushes. The bristles on all of these brushes are so soft and apply my makeup beautifully, I'm so impressed and it's amazing having a brush that's not just pretty to look at.

Girls With Attitude Marble and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Flat Top Stippling Brush; I have a few of these brushes from GWA and this stippling brush is as good as all the others. I've been using this brush every morning to apply my foundation and I love how easy and quick it is to use. If you love creating that flawless airbrushed finish with your foundation then this brush is a must. I used to use only a beauty blender to apply my foundations with, but the stippling brush is such a game changer and I prefer using this over a sponge any day. This brush is also fab for applying any other cream products, whether that be bronzer, blush or highlighters.

Angled Blush Brush; I'm a big fan of contouring and I love using this brush for creating the perfect cheekbones. I find the angle makes it so easy to blend my bronzer into the hollows of my cheeks and its the perfect size, so I can create that defined line perfectly. The big bristles make it prefect for blending and I just feel like my contour is on point since I started using this brush.

Large Domed Powder Brush; This brush does exactly what its meant to do and that is to apply my loose powder over my cream based products. This is the largest brush in the Marble Collection and it's so soft and fluffy. The domed shaped bristles means I can work my powder to all areas of my face and can blend my makeup out to perfection.

Precision Contour Brush; I love using this brush for when I want to get my contour looking spot on. As it's a little bit smaller than the other face brushes in this collection its great for the smaller areas of my face, like down the centre of my nose and around my face and jawline. Again the bristles are perfect for blending out my bronzer and when I've gone over my contour with this brush, I feel so sassy.

Girls With Attitude Marble and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Flat Eye Shading Brush; For applying a solid eyeshadow over the eye lid, this is the brush I reach for. It picks up my eyeshadows so effortlessly and I can easy compact my shadow or use a light hand to shade my lids in. The brush is just the right size, so I can be precise with my eyeshadow and it's a great everyday essential. The only downside to this brush is that there is only one of them in the collection and I'm someone who likes to change up my eye makeup regularly, so I'm forever cleaning it.

Fluffy Tapered Blending Brush; I love adding shadow to my crease and even if I'm going for a minimal makeup look, I do love a smokey eye (even if its just subtle). This fluffy brush blends my shadows out like a dream and I love how I don't see any lines where two shadows meet, the blending is seamless and it just makes creating the perfect smokey eye so easy.

Angled Precision Brow Brush; I'm so happy and excited that the Marble Collection from GWA has an angled brow brush, because finding a really good one can be so hard to find. I always use a brow pomade for filling in my brows, so one of these brushes is just an everyday essential. The brush is very flat and its angle makes it really easy to fill in my brows. I have an honest confession; when it comes to makeup my brows are my weakness, its something I really struggle with and I'm never happy with the way they look. But having said that, having the right brush does go a long way to making things a little easier, so if you have brow dramas like me, this brush is a must!

I think I love every brush in this collection equally and I love using them to apply my makeup. The Marble Brush collection retails for £34.99 from the Girls With Attitude website (here), which I think is really great value. I can promise you one thing, and that it will take you ages to start using them because they are just too pretty to dirty up. Mine definitely need cleaning again so I can start spamming them all over my Instagram again lol.

What do you think of these makeup brushes? Are you a fan of the Rose Gold & Marble?



  1. These brushes are absolutely stunning! I really want to try these as their Highlighter palette, they have so many fab products.

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