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Superdrug Solait Dry Tanning Oil & Tanning Mist | My New Fave Fake Tans

Superdrug Solait Dry Tanning Oil & Tanning Mist

My addiction to fake tan is quite a serious thing, I'm obsessed with it and I hate being pale anytime of year. I know a tan obsession may make you think that I go way over the top, but I promise you I don't go for the tangoed orange look lol. I think I get my tanning addiction from my mum and she let me use her fake tan when I was 15, since then I like my skin to look a few shades darker and I always go for a natural sun kissed glow, unless its in the height of summer then sometimes I'll go for the 'I've been abroad sunbathing for two weeks' kind of tan. I think its fair to say that I've tired and tested my fair share of fake tans and theres a couple out there that I will purchase time and time again; St Moriz I'm looking at you! However over the last few months a new tan on the market has become a new front runner and I'm obsessed with it. If you're addicted to Love Island as much as I am then you will have seen these tans advertised all the time before the show and start of the adverts, because these tans are from Superdrugs own range and they are AMAZING!

Superdrug Solait Dry Tanning Oil & Tanning Mist

Superdrug have a few of the Solait fake tans their range to choose from depending on how you like your tan. Usually I love the foams as I find them easier to apply, but it's the Solait Dry Tanning Oil that has been my go to recently and I love everything about it. The Solait Dry Oil is perfect for the tan that you want lasting a few days. I always apply this in the morning and I can see the results from developing within an hour or so and from then on it gradually gets darker though the day. Every time I apply this my tan usually lasts a good week before I'm feeling pale again which is perfect as it gives me the time I need to exfoliate my skin ready for my next tanning session. What I really love about this tan is that it's not too dark or orange and looks really natural as though I've had a good few days in the sun. What also really impressed me is just how easy it is to apply. Like with any tan I would recommend using a mitt to avoid any staining on the hands. I just simply pump a few sprays onto my mitt and then work it into the areas on my body I want tanning. This is the first time using a dry oil tan and I had no idea what to expect, but I was so surprised at how easy it was to apply.

First of all the oil is tan coloured, so I can see exactly where its been applied, which is so handy because having a streaky tan is the worst. After a few minutes the 'tan' colour fades as my skin absorbs the oil, so theres no guide colour to wash off or that muddy look you get with other tans. The oil is really light weight and non greasy so it doesn't feel sticky on my skin at all and for a self tan, it smells so nice. The oil has been enriched with Argan and almond oils so not only does it smell lush, but also leaves my skin feeling really soft; Again I've never found this with other tans that I've used. Because the oil drys within minutes I'm ready to get dressed and go about my day and let my tan do its thing. Another huge plus is this tan won't transfer onto clothes and I've never had any issues wearing my white tops when popping this tan on.

Superdrug Solait Dry Tanning Oil & Tanning Mist

Another Solait Tan that I've been loving just to top up my tan midweek is the tanning mist. I've not actually used this product on its own, without using the dry oil first. But I love how it instantly gives my existing tan that instant pick me up. Again like with the oil tanner, it's so easy to use and its a case of spray and go. The mist is really fine and just makes tanning so quick, easy and effortless. It also smells so lovely and I never get that 'biscuit' smell afterwards once I've used this.

These two products are definitely one to try if you're looking for a natural golden glow this summer, and I think you guys will love them just as much as I do. Also can I just say, how pretty is the packaging of these tans? I'm obsessed with pink right now and I just think these bottles are really cute and girly, I love them. I also love how affordable these tans are, both are £4.99 each which is amazing. Superdrug also have an offer on right now where you buy one and get a second half price, so I think its the perfect time for me to restock (I'm running low) and pick up the Solait bronzing foam as thats next on my list to try.

What's your favourite fake tan right now? Let me know




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