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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products | Full Review

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products

Right now I feel like I'm onto a right winner with my skincare routine and trust me when I say this is a very rare thing for me. Usually I'm falling in and out of love with cleansers and moisturisers more often that I should and being a beauty blogger means I always want to try out new things, so its really difficult to get right. But right now I couldn't be more happier with my skin and I think its all down to the cleanser that I've been using. For the last month or so, I've been washing my face and taking all of my makeup off with the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and its honestly one of the best things ever.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products

Before I go to the ins and outs of this cleaning oil, let me tell you a little more about DHC as its a brand that I hadn't heard of until quite recently. DHC is Japans number one direct skincare company and they sell a range of things, from skincare to makeup, so a little bit of everything when it comes to beauty. DHC products are all about using one natures finest ingredients, Olive Oil, which helps our skin to look youthful and at its very best. If it wasn't for the blogging community or Social Media (Instagram in particular) I would have never heard of this brand. This is one of the things I love about blogging; being able to discover amazing new things and brands. Trust me the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a game changer, especially if you have skin thats a bit troublesome like mine. Since having Archie, my skin gets awful dry patches, particularly in the middle of my forehead and around my nose; whilst the rest of my skin is an oily mess. I've also suffered with spots and pimples which never used to be a problem for me pre pregnancy. Since I've been using the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, my skin has been looking better than ever and as it's the only thing that I've swapped and changed around in my cleansing routine, so it has to be the oil thats made such a massive difference to the way my skin looks. Heres how it works...

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is so simple to use and is like no other cleanser I've used before. Its a dry oil and all I need to do is pop a few pumps of it into my palm and work it into my skin. Theres no need for any water at this stage. The first thing that amazes me is just how effortlessly and quickly the oil melts away my makeup. I'm one of these people who have always used a miceallar water to get rid of any makeup before cleansing, but theres no need to use it with this oil, which is perfect for those days I'm feeling a little lazy. I expected it to breakdown my base makeup pretty easily, but couldn't believe how well it worked on my eyes; my mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow came off so easily. The other worry I had was if the oil would irritate my skin or sting my eyes, but it was so gentle to use.

Once massaged into my skin, I just use water to rinse it all off. As soon as the water combines with the oil, the oil transforms into a milk emulsion and once rinsed my skin is glowing; It doesn't feel greasy, which is always a worry of mine when using oil based products. I just think this is one of the BEST cleansers I've ever used and I can't recommend it enough.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products

DHC Lip Cream; I hold my hands up now, I'm really quite terrible for applying lip creams and making sure I keep my lips soft and hydrated, but over the last few weeks I've been making more of an effort and have been using the DHC Lip Cream to keep my lips soft and smooth. It's been a long time since I had a trusty lip balm to hand all the time, so I don't really have much to compare the DHC Lip Cream to, but as far as lip balms go this one is so lovely to use. The balm glides over my lips easily and it doesn't leave my lips sticky or greasy, which is something I hate with some lip balms. I've been keeping this in my bathroom near my toothbrush, so I try and apply it after brushing my teeth first thing in the morning and I've gotten myself into a nice little routine. My lips are definitey starting to feel a lot softer and I've noticed my matte liquid lipsticks applying a lot easier too. Also how cute is the packaging, I love the pink design.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs; This is a makeup accessory that I would never have gone out of my way to purchase, but I promise you these are life changing! Basically these are double ended cotton buds that have been soaked in olive oil. When it comes to applying makeup I'm always making a mess, I tend to sneeze after applying my mascara and end up getting it all under my lower lash line or under my brows. These swabs clear any makeup mishaps so quickly and easily and for that I am obsessed with them, anyone who applies makeup needs a stash of these. The swabs are all individually wrapped so if you only have a small mistake to fix then you don't have to worry about using both ends. I've handed a few of these out to my mum and friends and they all agree, these are the best thing ever and so handy to have.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products

DHC Blotting Paper; Who remembers having a pack of these in their school bags back in the day? Before the days of primers and setting sprays,  blotting papers were my go to for instantly wiping away any shine from my face and its been years since I've used them. For some reason my work place makes my skin go crazy, I think its the air con,  it brings out all the oils in my skin and no matter how much powder I've applied or how many spritzes of my setting spray used, my skin will look oily after a few hours of work. I just keep my DHC Blotting Papers in my handbag now and is so quick and easily to fix up my skin again and take away any shine. The best thing about these papers is that they don't take away makeup, so a few blots and I'm good to go.

DHC is a brand that I've quickly become obsessed with and I love the Deep Cleansing Oil so much, I don't see myself ever not using this. I've been browsing the website (here) and theres so much more that I want to try, the moisturisers look amazing.

Have you tried anything from DHC? What do you think I should try next?


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