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Mini Makeup Revolution Haul

Mini Makeup Revolution Haul

I love Makeup Revolution, when it comes to affordable makeup they are the brand you can always turn to and rely on. I'm pretty sure at one point a few years ago my entire makeup bag was all Makeup Revolution. Whilst I still love the brand, I don't really use their makeup as much as I used to, not because I don't like their products,but because when it comes to makeup there's always something new to try and I just can't help myself when it comes to discovering new brands and trying the latest release of a new product. It was only a month or so ago when it felt that everyone couldn't get enough of Makeup Revolution and word was that their new Conceal and Define Concealer was a pretty much like for like dupe of the Tarte Tape Shape Concealer, which got me really excited. I've always wanted to try Tape Shape, but I've always been put off by the price tag and knowing me I'd probably fall in love with it and that would be cause some damage to my bank balance every time I needed to repurchase it. For weeks and weeks my local Superdrug seemed to be permanently sold out of the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer until last week, where they had my shade C5 in stock and I actually felt like jumping with excitement when I saw it. What made things even better was that Superdrug also had 3 for 2 across their makeup, so I decided to pick up a few other bits from Makeup Revolution and today I thought I'd give a little mini review of the things that I picked up.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer;

So the million dollar question is this concealer as good as everyone says and worth all the hype? And I can say yes, yes, yes, it really is. I have been using this everyday since I purchased it and its quickly become my new favourite for under my eyes and concealing any blemishes or red marks. I even use this on areas that I want to brighten when I'm doing a full face of makeup, . What I love most about the Conceal & Define is how full coverage it is, the formula is so creamy and it blends out like a dream. I have a teething toddler right now, which means a lot of sleepless nights, but with this concealer your would never know. What also really impressed me was how long lasting it is and once I've set it with a bit of powder, this will stay put all day which is rare compared with other concealers I've tried. The only downside for me, is that this does have a tendency to set in some of those nasty fine lines under my eyes and I put this down to the formula being so thick. However I've found if I apply this with a light hand, use less product, it doesn't look as bad and I still get the same effect, so just be mindful of that. I really want to get my hands on a few of the darker shades next to see how well they work at contouring, so expect to see a full review of this product very soon.

Makeup Revolution Banana Powder

Makeup Revolution Banana Powder;

I love banana powders, they are some of my favourite and I love how they instantly add a brightness to the areas I apply them and their ability to keep my makeup in place all day. A lot of people swear by the Makeup Revolution Banana Powder, so I just had to pick one up. So far I'm really loving this product, it's so easy to apply and I love how this sets my under eye makeup and keeps it in place all day. I've also used this powder a couple of times to bake my makeup and it works a treat. What I really notice whenever I use this is just how smooth and flawless my skin looks once I've blended it all in, it almost gives it that air brushed look and helps to hide any imperfections or roughness. As a lot of my foundations are full coverage, I like to use a powder that feels light weight and not too heavy on my skin and I love how this banana powder feels, honestly its so light that I can't even feel it on my skin. It's definitely one to try if you want something that will set your makeup and brighten up  your complexion.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick;

I've been meaning to get on the foundation stick bandwagon for quite some time and seeing Makeup Revolution have added their own Fast Base one to their range, I thought it was the perfect time to finally try one. First things first, I love how easy this is to apply, it makes putting on foundation in the morning so simple and is great if you're in a rush or don't have time to faff about with your makeup.... Which is an everyday of the week thing for me. I just draw a few lines on my face with the stick and blend it out with a foundation brush. I was really worried about the stick tugging my skin as I put on the product, but this foundation is so smooth and creamy, it glides on. I also love how easy it is to blend out - I found that it works better with a brush and would say it takes me less than a minute to apply, which is amazing. As for the finish, you guys know I'm more of a full coverage with matte finish kinda girl, but the Fast Base definitely is medium coverage that's buildable but gives more of a dewy look, which is a big change for me. I was a little worried at first because my skin is usually far too oily for any foundation like this, but I have to say I was really surprised at just how well this foundation lasted on my skin. Don't get me wrong I do need to touch it up a few times in the day, especially where my oily skin is out of control (around my nose and chin), but apart from that it pretty much stayed put. Right now this is my go too foundation and I'm loving it, definitely one to try and pick up.

So far I'm loving my purchases and its made me fall in love with Makeup Revolution all over again, theres so much more that I now want to try from this brand, so please send over your recommendation. If you would like to see a more in-depth review of any of these products, along with swatches just let me know. What's your favourite Makeup Revolution Product?


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