Saturday, 28 January 2012

NOTD | Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Hello lovelies. It’s that time of the week for another Nail of the Day post. These types of posts are one of my favourite to write about and as a reader of many beauty blogs I love seeing everyone else's NOTD as I am well and truly nail polish obsessed. 

Today’s NOTD is a polish I received a little while ago in a giveaway from Victoria over as Cosmetic Cravings (Thanks once again). I did do a post on the giveaway if you would like to see it click here. It was a Revlon Polish in 095 Facets of Fuchsia and its simply gorgeous! A few of you loved the look of this polish and requested to see it in a NOTD post, so for you lovely lot here it is. 

(Please excuse the random hair that has mysteriously appeared on my middle nail haha)

I think that this polish is so unique and wonderful, it may just me and my imaginative mind but when I look at this up close on my nails for sometime it reminds me of some far away galaxy in space. You can see right away that this polish has a good mixture of finely milled and chunky glitter. When put onto your nails it applies the glitter completely randomly which creates that space look. However upon first glance in the bottle you can see mostly chunky glitter and I personally would have preferred this polish to have more of the chunky stuff on my nails. But regardless of this its still very pretty. 

The polish its self is almost black on first appearance but on closer look I would say it was a very deep dark shade of purple. I would defiantly recommend using two coats of this polish as I have done here show the polish off at its full potential. 

Facets of Fuchsia get huge thumbs up from me. I would love to see this same sort of polish but in a turquoise colour. I have been scouting about but not seen anything so far, if any of you have a polish that you could recommend then that would be fabulous. 

Take care beauties 



  1. I have been meaning to buy this for so long but never got round to it :/ it's so pretty and is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance, which is always good as it is much cheaper haha :)

    Frances x (Giveaway now on!)
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. Ooo this is a lovely polish. Looks great on you hun =)
    I have Nubars 2010 G188 polish which is a lovely glitter that shows an array of different colours when the light hits it. It is by far my favourite glitter polish in my collection as it can be worn alone with two layers or over the top of another polish


  3. I love this nail polish!! I bought it last yr but I've been using it none stop xx

  4. @Frances: I like wearing it as i think its a great dark polish, I've still got to try a Deborah Lippmann polish x

    @Kristin: thanks hun, I've not seen that polish i will have to look into it, do you have a post on it? x

    @Laura: me to, its a great go to colour and the sparkle in it is fabulous x

  5. This looks gorgeous on your nails hon. A turquoise or a teal colour would be amazing I think!

    1. It would look amazing in a teal colour i think, let hope they bring one out. And thankyou again for sending it so my nails can look pretty like this x

  6. I absolutely love this polish! Although because of the pieces of glitter it's a bugger to get off :P

    1. thats the one downside with any glitter polishes though. I think they need to bring out a super nail polish remover lol x

  7. Love it <3 I've been looking for ages but I can't seem to find this nail polish...! *jealous* haha ;) xx

    1. thanks hun, Hope you get your hands on it soon as it is must have for any nail polish junkie haha x

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  9. Eeee I really do love this :) looks so stunning!! xx


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