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Giveaway Winner | Thank You!

Hello beauty babes. A few weeks or so before Christmas I was super lucky to have won two giveaways from two lovely beauty bloggers. I was shocked when I won the first one from Lina's over at Lina's Beauty Diary and was completely over the moon when I won the second giveaway from Victoria at Cosmetic Craving's. Normally I am never one who wins anything and to win too in the same week was splendid. As a result I've taken a back seat in entering giveaways to give others a chance. 

I cannot thank Lina and Victoria enough for the lovely gifts that they sent out and I wish that I had gotten this post out a lot sooner but I received them just before Christmas and as you all know this was a hectic time. So as a way to say thank you I thought it would be great to showcase what they had sent out to me and to direct you lovelies to there fantastic beauty blogs. 

From Lina I was given the O.P.I Muppets Mini Collection, Sephora Supreme Body Lotion and a L'Oreal Studio Secrets lash primer. I had never tried any of these products before and all I can say is wow and I have loved trying all of these out!

 Wocka Wocka! | Excuse Moi! | Designer... de Better! | Warm & Fozzie

The O.P.I Muppets Collection was the most exciting thing for me in this giveaway. Why? Because I love nail polish its my guilty pleasure and I love to indulge in any colour. But being the nail polish lover that I am I have never tried O.P.I before, I had never used anything from this brand which is madness as I see O.P.I as ruling the world of nail polish. I have tried and tested all of these shades and I am in love, its made me realise that I need more O.P.I in my life I aim to have a few more O.P.I polishes by the time this year is up. 

Out of all of these shades, the polish is my No.1 favourite has to be ' Better!'. Its stunning, when you look at it at a glance you would say its silver but on closer inspection and on your nails its much much more than that. Its almost as though it has flecks of pink in it making it somewhere in the middle between silver and gold. I would recommend this to anyone and will defiantly get a NOTD post up for you lovely lot on this so you can see just how pretty it is. I must get this one in full size as I think it might borderline on being my favourite nail polish ever!

 Designer... de Better!
Designer... de Better!

Next up is the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Lash Primer. I've seen this product in stores and its always been an item I've looked at but never purchased. A lash primer has never been a part of my daily make-up routine but this has changed since I got this product as it really does make a difference and I find it makes applying mascara easier, quicker giving you lovely elongated lashes. I sure will be making a repurchase on this. 

  L'Oreal Studio Secrets Lash Primer

Lastly I was given a Supreme Body Lotion from Sephora. As you beauty girls in the U.K know we don't have Sephora over here (Golly gosh I wish we did). It was exciting to be given this product as I know it will be a gem that I will have to make last. It is super moisturising, glides on like a dream and absorbs very quickly and this is a great size which fits into my bag. With a lovely perfume scent and paraben free this is a great product, I only wish I could buy it over here.

  Supreme Body Lotion from Sephora

So a big thank you to Lina for choosing me as the winner. Do check out her blog as its just fantastic and she currently has another giveaway open at the moment with some amazing products on offer to enter just click here.

From Victoria over at Cosmetic Cravings I was given a lovely nail polish from Revlon. She must have known that this polish was so right for me as I love nail polish and I love glitter. Mix the two together makes me a very happy girl indeed. I was sent Revlon's 095 Facets of Fuchsia which is a fuchsia glitter polish with finely milled glitter mixed with a more chunky glitter. Its one of those polishes that you could just stare at for ages, even with it being in the bottle haha. 

 095 Facets of Fuchsia

As soon as I got this polish I had it on my nails for a few days (its great with not chipping) and I had nothing but compliments from people. So thank you Victoria for this lovely polish. I know that you beauty girls will love her blog, she has some fantastic make-up reviews on there just click here to check them out. 

If you got to the end of this post (I know its a long one) winning two giveaways has made want to give something back to my followers to say thank you and I am wanting to do one myself. I am thinking when I get to 100 or so followers I will do one. If there is anything that you would like to see in a giveaway then please let me know as your ideas will be considered. If not I shall just surprise you all with some lovely bits and bobs.

Take care my lovelies 



  1. You won some lovely things! :)x


  2. Some great products here. :D xx

  3. Great post :)
    Laur x

  4. wow what generous giveaways! I love the OPI 'Warm and Fozzie' gonna have to get it! The revlon one is gorgeous too, it's similar to the OPI Muppets Divine Swine which I got for xmas! Make sure you post a NOTD when you have it on!
    Love, Rosie x

  5. @Ellie: I know they are lovely things, i was a lucky girl x

    @shaylarr: Thanks hun x

    @Cat: they are lovely i would reccomend them to anyone x

    @Laurdows: Thamks hun x

    @Roise: I will be sure to do a post on it for you its so pretty. You should deff get warm and fozzie its such a pretty colour and it stays on ages without chipping :D. Devine Swine looks lovely too x

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Congrats on winning both the giveaways, you deserved it :) xo

  7. Love the blog!!!

    Keep up the great posts!

    Follow eachother ?

  8. I love the OPI Muppet collection. You're so lucky.

    Now following:)

  9. Thanks so much for the comment miss! Put a smilie on my face!

    Now following you back, if i wasn't already - i'm not too sure!

    love the blog though! keep up the fabulous posts!


  10. thanks for checking out my blog and following!
    loving all four of those O.P.I varnish! the colours are gorgeoussss! looking forward to seeing more posts from you! :)

  11. @celeste: no worries hun you have a great blog x

    @Jasmine: your welcome hun you have put a smile on my face too, love getting great comments it makes my day x

    @resse: thanks resse, i do feel very lucky. im looking forward to doing my own giveaway so I can make someone else feel very lucky x

    @MissBR: your welcome hun, thank you also x


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