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Soap & Glory Haul

Hello my lovelies. If you have read my new years resolutions post you will know that one of the bad beauty habits that I wanted to break was to not sleep in my makeup. Last year I was guilty of this on too many occasions, although it never effected my skin drastically (I mean with sudden outbreaks in spots) I know at the same time this does not do my skin any favours. Its always important to let the skin breathe as they say. So far this year I have been sticking with this challenge and have not let slip (yay me) but to help me stick this though I thought what better way to do so than to treat myself to some yummy facial products.

Unfortunately I am at the age where I am starting to notice the small changes in my skin. I was worrying to my mum the other day about my little wrinkles or laughter lines as I like to call them. No they are not the most obvious lines in the world but I am starting to notice them way too much and it was a must to find an anti wrinkle cream. After all what harm can it do. I've never been one to use any type of eye cream before as I've always been just a moisturiser kinda girl but I have the feeling that 2012 will be a year which many are tested out so I can find that right one for me.

Back to the facial products. I wanted to try something new and Boots were having one of there famous three for two offers on the Soap & Glory facial products range. I love Soap & Glory as much as anyone but have never gotten around to trying out any of there facial products. They also had an eye cream to help with those fine lines ha!. Including the 'Make Yourself Useful Eye Cream' I also bought 'Glow Job Moisturiser' and Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk' and being a good  beauty blogger I've taken some snappy snaps for you all. 

Peaches and Clean | Glow Job | Make Yourself Youthful 

When it comes to washing my face, normally I am not a fan of cleansing milk based formula's as I don't feel that they have washed my face properly at all. Don't you find they never take makeup off completely? But Peaches and Clean states on the bottle that 'it purifies, can energise and melt away makeup' not only that but has a formula to help combat the clogged t-zone area (yes please). Basically everything that you would want a cleanser to do, this one says it does it. So I had to give this ago. I'm looking forward to trying this product and I hope that I haven't gotten my hopes up to high. I adore the packaging the smell is just peachy (literally) and should hopefully make my skin look clearer and brighter. Lets hope so Soap & Glor

Peaches and Clean 
Peaches and Clean- Swatch 

When set out on my mission for some facial goodies, a moisturiser was not something I was looking for as I am already in love with my regular moisturiser, Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. However there was a three for two offer on which was not to be wasted, so I chose Soap & Glory's Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion (what a mouthful!). The thing that really gets me excited about this product is that it has tiny bronze burst beads built in which blend in as you apply. Not quite a tinted moisturiser but one which will give you a light  glow.  If this looks good on my face as I does when I swatched it I will be in love as it would be perfect for when you are having a makeup free day but don't want to look peaky or anything. 

Glow Job 

Glow Job - Swatch 1
Glow Job - Swatch 2 
Glow Job - Swatch 3 (those beads are pretty bronzed)
Before Glow Job
After Glow Job (it looks so pretty yet subtle) 

And lastly, the product which I hope works the best out of all three, the 'Make Yourself Youthful' eye cream. Not only does it say that it will help with those fine lines but help with those dark circles, which I've noticed on me also due busy one last month. It should also help make my eyes look a bit more photo ready also which will be good for those eye makeup posts. I am interested to see if I will be able to tell any difference here. I would say its a fairly light cream and blends in nicely to the skin, but as I said at the beginning I've not been one for eye creams so I'm not sure if I were to prefer a light cream or heavy duty one, but I know I always prefer a light moisturiser so I am thinking I will like this. 

Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream
Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream
 Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream Swatch 

I love the way all three of these products look and the packaging is so appealing, but I am yet to see how they work on my skin and see or feel any of the benefits from using them. But I promise to do review on how I get along with them and if they do work. I am one who suffers with sensitive skin, especially with anywhere on my face, these products don't cater for any specific skin types, but if there are any immediate problems which occur I'll be sure to let you know for all you sensitive skin sufferers. 

If any of you have tried anything from this Soap and Glory range I would love to hear from you, if these products go down a treat then I will be sure wanting to try and test some more out and would love some recommendations. 

Take care my lovelies 



  1. Ahhh so jealous! You got some amazing stuff. This has made me want to go out and buy lots of Soap & Glory. Great Haul. Xxx.

  2. Hey! these are really great sounding products.I am getting so tempted about each of them.I so hope they turn out as they claim to be. Surely wanna look out for detailed review from u.
    following u now

  3. Ooh I really like the glow. I might have to get some of that myself.


    Dolled Up Daily


  4. These look lovely. Definitely want to try out the Glow Job! x

  5. Gotta love Boots' 3 for 2 offers, especially on brands like Soap and Glory. I'm really interested to see how you get on with the eye cream, as I'm still looking for one that will miraculously banish my dark circles.

  6. hello hello from your latest follower!

    i am totally with you on that one, i used to sleep in make up every now and then! so terrible! even though i loved my liz earle cleanser, sometimes i just couldnt be bothered. and i am also at that age when im noticing little changes and it freaked me out. for my bday (november) i got decleor cleanser from my mum - i've cleansed my face twice a day ever since. i think its about getting something u love to use. and for xmas i got a decleor eye cream after i kept telling mum i was going wrinkly like pat butcher. now i just need to start using it!

    did you ever try Estee Lauder's day wear sheer tint blah blah blah... it looks just like glowjob with the little beads except estee lauder have changed the formula and now its something that would even be too orange for an oompa loompa! i sure hope this is like the old version of estee lauder!

    kuki xxx

  7. @Coturegirl: thanks hun, i still think that they have 3 for 2 on so you can treat yourself too x

    @Cheekychick: I hope so too, i will be sure to do a detailed review for you x

    @haylee: I've used Glow Job everyday since I posted this and i am loving it so far x

    @Boscy: Thanks hunni, so far i would reccomened Glow Job x

    @Chrissy. I dont know what i would do if Boots never did there 3 for 2 offers ha. I will let you know how i get on with the eye cream x

    @Kuki: thanks for following huni. I am really wanting to get my hands on Liz Earle as I've not heard one bad thing about it. How are you getting on with the decleor cleanser? I've not tried the Estee Lauder one, shame they changed the formula. I think Glow Job was around £9 so its a good buy x

  8. Haah! I love GLOWJOB! Awesome stuff! The labels are funny too!

    thanks for the comment!

    have a lovely day doll!


  9. These are 3 products i am actually going to add next to my soap and glory collection (which is huge && never disapoints!)

    You will have to keep me updated with the milk cleanser hun

    P.s now following you :) x


  11. I love soap & glory, definitely want to try glow job haha. lovely post x

  12. I just had my free sample come in the post, so glad it got delivered too, I got it from still live I believe :)


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