Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Wedding Planner #1

Hello my lovelies, to those of you who have been on my blog journey for a little while will know or have read that last month around my Birthday/Christmas time I had the most amazing surprise and had gotten engaged to my partner James. Well I promised you all that I would do some wedding related posts to share with you my ideas for what is to be my ultimate dream day (I am sure it will be).  Seeing as we are coming to the end of January now and the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year are well and truly behind us, I thought it would be the perfect time to start the 'wedding planner' series on my blog. Not only will it be great to share my thoughts and ideas with you (I can't tell you how much I look forward to hearing all your advice and suggestions), but doing this series will be a great way to organise my planning and great to look back on. It will almost be like an online scrapbook of wedding related things.

Like most girls I have been dreaming about this one special day for a long time, and therefore it goes without saying it will have to be perfect. However finding what is my perfection is a question that is still looming over my head. Since James proposed to me I have gone though a few wedding magazines, looked at venues on websites and thought about colour schemes. Like most of us we all know what we like and what we defiantly don't, but it's making a concrete choice on what I like and taking the plunge that is something which is hard to do. Before I was engaged I though I knew what I wanted my wedding to be like, but I can honestly say I'm not sure at all, you could say I am spoilt for choice. Those who have been married and gone though the whole process of wedding planning might shake there heads when I say this but in the back of my mind I thought that this was going to be easy! I know right? Well I certainly know now that this is not the case.. I knew it would be stressful but I didn't realise how much there is to do and how many decisions there are to be made. 

I know its still very early days yet, but I can't help feel that if I don't start to think about the important stuff now, then this day is never going to happen. I just have to take this one step at a time. The one thing that probably excites any bride to be and most certainly me is the dress, but I know that I can start here right away. But if I don't start here then where do you start when planning a wedding?. I spoke to my mum (don't mums always have the best of advice) and she told me to make a list of everything that needs doing, everything that I can think of. She told me that this list would just be a guideline, something which I can add too or change at any time and I totally agree. So for toady's wedding planning post I have my list for you and for me. 

Decide on a budget

Pick a wedding date

Visit venues

Take a visit to the church I want to get married in and speak with the vicar (or is it a priest,  I'm not sure)

Wedding guest list

Choose bridesmaids, maid of honour and best man

Choose a wedding dress

Groom's Suit

Pick a colour scheme

 The flowers

The invitations

The table settings - name cards, table numbers, table centre pieces, table decoration, chair decoration.

The wedding cake

The food

Wedding favours

A photographer

Wedding music/Evening Music

Bridesmaid dresses

Wedding make-up

Wedding hair


Wedding bands

Evening entertainment

This is my list so far of all the things that I need to consider, they are in no particular order apart from the first two as I feel for me that these are the first steps into making this perfect day happen. If there are any other things that you can think of I will really appreciate it if you leave it in the comments below. There's so much that its easy to forget about something. 

Although there is a lot to do, I am truly excited to planning this and seeing things all come together will be so special and it will be lovely for you all to come along one this journey with me. 

Take care my beauties 



  1. Congratulations on getting engaged! :)
    There's so much to think about, goodness!
    I love the bow tie in the middle photo at the top, so cute :)


  2. Congratulations Sweetie! Now we definitely have car convo! I was oogling wedding dresses at the fayre in town today :( hmpfff xx

  3. Im so excited for you hun. I got married on April 30th 2011 and it was the best day of my life. Perfect in every way.
    I am happy to be sharing this journey with you as I know how it feels to plan a wedding and get everything sorted for the big day.
    I would suggest doing a present wish list as well. My hubby and I never did one, this was due to having roughly a month to plan a wedding due to him being in the Army, but it would be great to give others an idea of what you both would like to receive.
    Also don't forget about travel. Would you want a horse drawn carriage or a vintage car?

    Am so happy for you both


  4. @Jess: thanks hun, there is so much to thin about. i know its dead cute x

    @shay: thanks hunni, I know we will have lots to discuss haha. I cant wait to try dresses on x

    @Kristin: thanks hunni, they are great things that i need to put on the list. I knew that i would miss loads out haha. I shall have to ask james about the wedding gift ideas as ive not even thought about it. I am so happy that your day all worked out for you and it was perfect. I would like a horse and carriage i think but i know james will want a car. hes told me that he doesnt mind what i choose for the wedding but his area is transport. men and cars eh ha xx


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