Friday, 25 November 2011

Lush: Mint Julips

Hiya beauty babes, hope you are all doing well. As most of you know (well those especially living in the UK) it has gotten awfully cold lately. One of the worst thing about the cold defiantly has to be the chapped lips and the dryness that comes with it, which can ruin those pucker lips. So I thought I would share with you a product I have absolutely been loving to help solve this issue. My secet... The sugar scrubs from Lush which has saved my lips from becoming dry and flaky. The scrub gently exfoliates your lips leaving them silky and smooth, so you can apply your favourite lippy without it looking flaky. And best of all they smell and taste delicious!

I love this product and have been using them since they first came out. Lush have three different flavours for you to try including Bubblegum and Sweet Lips (chocolate flavour). The one which is my favourite and which I personally love is the Mint Julips which is of peppermint and chocolate flavour put together. It reminds me of an After Eight.... delish! They retail at £4.95, a bit pricey for sugar some of you may think. But I think they are worth the price as the feel on your lips is just amazing and they do last you a long while. If your interested in buying have a look  here.

Below I have taken some pictures for you to have look see, I like to apply mine in the morning so I'm ready to put on my lippie for the rest of the day. Works wonders.

Here are my lips with the scrub all over it. All you do is simply scrub away for smooth silky lips

The result.... Beautiful and kissable 

Then apply your chosen lipstick. Mine is Nude Delight from Rimmel. 

I would love to know what you think of these little sugar treats and if you have tried any other brands. What's your favourite flavour Lush fans?. As much as I love this product and I do (trust me I would buy it over and over again) I am pretty certain I can make one for the fraction of the price. This is something I will experiment with and when I have found the perfect recipe I will sure to share with you how to make your own D.I.Y lip scrub

Take care my lovelies 



  1. Ah I've been meaning to get the bubblegum one for weeks! Have been hearing great reviews. Will definitely make sure to pick one up now. x x

  2. I bought this one too, its so yummy x

  3. you need this in your life rachel its makes your lips super soft.

    i love this flavour beauty balm xx

  4. heard rave reviews about this product, and think this has sealed it for me, def want to try! :)


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