Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mini Haul

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and had a fantastic weekend. I was dreading work today just because its Monday and i always find them so mundane, so i did decide to have a little treat to myself to cheer me up. Its a lame excuse I know especially as I am meant to be saving to help out Father Christmas this year with some of his prezzies. 

I was in a complete nail polish mood today when shopping as you will see, and I was wanting some new colours for this season ( a girl can never have too many nail colours!) 

Starting from left to right you have:

Beauty Uk, Glam Nails in No62 Street Rose 
Beauty Uk, Glam Nails in No61 Posh Puddle 
17 Magnetized Nail Polish
Beauty Uk, Matte Top Coat
17 Blush and Glow in Strawberry Swirl

I haven't had a chance to try out these nail colours seeing as I just bought them today, but am super excited to try the magnetized nails. I've seen a lot of people with these painted and being the nail polish junkie I am, its a must for my collection. With the matte top coat, I've used a Rimmel one before but its something that I have misplaced and for autumn I think it looks lovely to take that shine away from your polish and instead creating a nice velvety texture on your nails. Be warned though this is something I feel that is trial and error with your polishes as sometimes it just doesn't have the desired effect. 

The Beauty UK Polishes were from Superdrug at a bargain of £1.99 each with exception the top coat as this was £2.99. You still can't go wrong for that price though. The 17 magnetized polish was a little more expensive retailing at £5.99 from Boots, but it is a lot cheaper than other ones on the market. I will be sure to do a review on these polishes for you and to let you know how they are with chipping. 

Lastly I picked up this little blush on a whim. As you can see its got the blush and highlight as an all in one. I've seen a few brands that have done but to be honest its not something that's ever appealed to me. But when doing a swatch of these colours in store I just thought they looked so pretty and decided to give it ago. I believe this was priced at £.399 from Boots (don't know where I placed the receipt). I have tried this one out for you while I had the chance to re-apply my make-up and.... I have to say I do like this product. I am more in love with the highlight colour though and less of the blush. I found that the pink did show up that well on my cheeks but wasn't really for me. The highlight on the other hand has lovely flecks of gold in it which is super pretty and would be great on the inner corner for you eye make-up.

I don't think i will be replacing this with my normal go to blushers but its handy to have on those days where you don't feel like wearing much and want to go with the oh so natural look. Needless to say I'm pleased I purchased this.    

Left to Right: The two colours mixed. The Blush. The highlight.

If any of you have tried these products I would love to know what you think, especially with the matte top coat and magnetized nails. Ant recommendations for a colour to put underneath the top coat would be a bonus. Speak soon and take care you lovely people. 

Danielle xoxo

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  1. Love your blog would love it if you followed mine - and I will follow yours, also I have a beauty youtube channel that I would loved if you came and checked out :) Ellie x great blog x


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