Saturday, 19 November 2011

Nail of the Day: Posh Puddle

Hello you beauty babes. Here is a little NOTD and mini review as promised for you in last weeks post. Today I've decided to paint my nails with Beauty UK Glam Nails in the colour Posh Puddle. I love the name of this polish and as you can see from the pictures its a lovely muddy colour which is perfecto for this season. I've had to apply two coats as the polish was a bit watery on the first coat. But with the second I found that the colour pretty matched up to the one you see in the bottle which is always a plus. 


If you did happen to read last weeks post (if not click HERE) then you know that I also purchased the Beauty UK Matte Top Coat. I have been itching my fingers and toes to try this out on some new polishes and as much as I loved the way this polished looked on its own, the temptation to change it took over me. And the result... I love this polish even more with the top coat on. It changes the way the polish looks completely. The matte finish makes your nails feels so silky and smooth, plus i think that this colour that pretty much matches a bar of Galaxy chocolate..yum. 

I think its always a nice change to have the shine taken out of your polish sometimes and this is a look which I feel you either love or hate. I personally love especially for this time of year, maybe not so much for the summer season. If you have tried you matte top coat that has turned your normal polish into a matte sensation, then I would love to know what colour you choose and recommend. 

Have a super evening and lots of love as always. 


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