Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No7: Poppy King

Hi guys, so i was at Boots during my lunch break this week, my excuse for going was that i still had my No7 voucher. A whopping £5.00 off No7 and I just had to take them up on this offer (it would have been rude not too). I don't know if any of you have been to your No7 counter recently and noticed the Poppy King range they have? Well i would highly suggest you check it out as its all lovely. And with my voucher i decided to try out this Poppy King Lipgloss in Allure. 

I have to say that i love this lipgloss the colour has lovely peach tones to it which creates a lovely healthy look to the lips and warms your face right up. The lipgloss is super pigmented and glossy without the whole thing being sticky, just what you need in a lipgloss. 

And that's not it... it gets better. In this range there is a colour to suit everyone and they have matching lipsticks for each lipgloss colour so you can perfectly match your chosen colour for a super pigmented look. I haven't yet tried what the lipsticks are like but i will defiantly be going to purchase the allure colour to match my lipgloss as i was just so impressed with it. 

For those of you who are wondering, (I was also wondering in the shop) who is Poppy King? Well i did some research for you and found she is the 'Lipstick Queen'. And I think that this title rightly hers as she has dedicated pretty much of her whole career to lipsticks, looking at everything from the texture, staying power and feel and i for one am wanting to try some of the products she has put her effort into making. Click here  to check out her website and products. 

If any of you have tried any of the Poppy King cosmetics or the range that she has in Boots please comment and share, i would love to know your thoughts. 

Danielle xoxo



  1. Great post - I am always looking for new things to spend those ever multiplying No 7 vouchers on!
    Its interesting that there are matching lipsticks for each gloss - I'll have to investigate on my lunch break tomorrow!

  2. thanks hun, i know the vouchers are too good to waste. deff have a look, if you get one let me know which one and what its like xx

  3. You need more followers your blog is amazing! I was also reading your post a few down and I also LOVE Yankee Candles! x

  4. georgia that is so sweet of you, thx hun. me too they make the place smell lush, whats your fave? xx


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