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Jack Wills: Wish List

Hiya peeps. Today's blog post is about designer brand Jack Wills and this is a band which I have a lot of love for. As most of you probably know it can be a tad on the expensive side for the items of clothing they have to offer, I know this and as a result only have about 3 items of clothing from them in my wardrobe (I wish I had more). But regardless of this I feel that you are paying more for that extra bit of quality in your clothing and you can tell this by the fabrics used and the way that the clothes feel when you wear them; In my opinion ultra mega lush! For those who don't know much about this band, Jack Wills is a very British inspired clothing look bringing you the best of the British heritage look with a modern twist. 

One thing other than the clothing that I love about this brand is the handbook's which they send out to me every couple of months (which is free) and i totally recommend you check their website out so you too can also get one sent to you. A lot of thought and effort has gone into these little books and if you love looking and clothes and dreaming about all the ones you would like to have your hands on then this little treat though the post would be perfect for you. 

The first 20 pages or so are filled with glossy prints of gorgeous models in the Jack Wills clothing and I feel that these pictures are like a little story board and give great ideas about how to pair your outfits together. The rest of the book is the catalogue splitting into ladies and men's. Though out you are given snippets of information about the brand and what they strive to achieve in their clothing which makes the read all that more worth while.

When I was looking though the Christmas Handbook there was immediately a few things on my wish list that I would just love to have. 

(Images Taken from

Starting from left to right, top to bottom

Barkhill Quilted Jacket £98: I love the look of this Jacket, especially the detail on the turned up sleeves. Its so Kate Middleton esk and paired with some riding boots would just look fab
Wendell Lip Gift Set £29: I've never tried the Jack Wills make-up before but i have to say that I adore the colours of these lipsticks and glosses and the tin that they come in is super cute. If you have tried any of there make-up please let me know what you think
Riverdane All In One £69: This has to be the item that gets me most excited. I think that this all in one just screams out to me, it looks as if it would be so cozy and wearing this Christmas morning (forget that I would wear this all day on Christmas) would be lush with some slipper boots.
Windlesham Headband £19: I love the look of this winter warmer headband, I am not one for wearing hats they don't suit me at all. But this little thing would keep my ears nice and toasty in the cold weather. 
Elmswell Cardigan £129: During the winter everyone needs a good piece of knitwear and this would be a staple one for me. I love how designers are jazzing knitwear up this season. Gives the look as though your grandma made it. I love how this one is not too crowded and the snowflakes gives it a wintery feel.
Runswick Branded Legging £24: I've seen a lot of people wearing jack Wills leggings and I've always fancied owning a pair myself. When looking though the catalogue these ones defiantly caught my eye with the lovely floral print and out of all the items on my wish list I think that these are at a reasonable price and something that I could purchase as soon as payday comes around (which I am 90% sure i will just as a little treat to myself). 

And finally, during my read of the handbook I saw something at the back which totally caught my eye. This year Jack Wills are having special late night shopping events in certain stores. This is something I wish I could attend but unfortunately are busy on the dates they have allocated. Jack Wills are selling each ticket for there late night shopping for £20 (sounds pricey I know, but wait it does get better). With this ticket you receive a free goodie bag containing a scarf, party pants and a mug. Not only that your ticket price is redeemable on the night if you make a purchase of £50 pounds or over. Which I think makes it all worth while especially if you have in mind what you are going to get, plus you are getting your freebie. whooo. 

For more information on this, to request a Handbook or for any thing else I have mentioned in this post you can check out the website Here 

Hope you are doing well my lovelies 

Love Danielle xoxo 


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