Saturday, 26 November 2011

Twilight Inspired Makeup

Hello my lovelies if you are like myself and a huge Twilight fan, then you would have been super excited about the release of the new Breaking Dawn film out now (I am still yet to see it) and it truly is a time to go vampire crazy unless your team Jacob of course. So whilst reading about the new film everywhere and also picking up my own copy of the Twilight Novels again, I thought it would be good to do a Twilight inspired makeup look. I was thinking along the lines on what makeup to wear to attract my very own Edward (or Emmet as he's my fave vampire and just delicious). 

I went with a classic smokey eye using dark shadows and kept the rest of my makeup very minimal only using the slightest of blusher and lipgloss. Below is a step by step storyboard of how I created the look for those of you who are interested or want to give this ago. If you have Twilight fever then I tag you to have ago at your own creation whether it be your Team Edward or Jacob. Just be sure to leave a comment below with your blog so i can check it out. All my favourite shall be listed and shown in a future post! 

Like the look..... Here's how I did it. 

Use a small section of tape and place from the outer corner of your eye outwards towards the tip of the eyebrow. This will create a nice clean cut line for your eye shadow. Preferably use masking tape as it wont hurt when you peel it off at the end. I did use normal sellotape but took the sticky out of it my patting it with my fingers a few times. 

Go over your eye with your chosen highlight colour/base colour and take the shadow underneath the brow line. 

Using your chosen lid colour, (I used a dark blue from a Ruby & Millie Palette) sweep over the eye and take the shadow up to the taped line. Try to avoid taking the colour all the way into the inner corner, leaving the highlight colour there. Blend evenly. 

 Then add your chosen crease colour, I've also chosen another one from the Ruby and Millie Palette which was a charcoal grey. Blend this colour into the crease and use the tape to help guide you to do a flicking out motion (as though your were doing a larger winged liner look). If needed be add some more highlight below the lower eyebrow to blend this out. 

Peel off the tape carefully and your left with a clean line for your smokey eye. Prefect. Add a touch of the grey shadow on the lower lash line to bring winged eye together. To complete the look add your favourite eyeliner and mascara. I used Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel Liner in Intense Black followed by two coats of Rimmel's Extra Wow Lash Mascara. 

The completed look. Edward Cullen eat your heart out. 

Below are all the products that were used to create this simple and effective look. A look that will draw your very own Edward Cullen in. 

Hope you enjoyed this and I cant wait to see your own creations. Don't forget to post them below I will be sure to check them out 



  1. Awh, so cute! I am not a HUGE Twilight fan, but I read the books and I can watch the movies once lol. Looking forward to seeing the latest one actually. When they had their premiere in London, the day after I saw Rpattz in Westminster! haha xx

  2. thanks for the comment charlotte, you are so lucky to have seen him, he is lush. Cant wait to see the film to see how its like but the books are my fave xx

  3. Model own are a good marque?

    Amazing blog <3<3

  4. Wow! Never thought of using tape to create the perfect line! Brilliant idea thankyou poppet :) xx

  5. you are welcome hun,

    and thankyou for your lovely comment clellia, i love models own x


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