Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Beauty Parlour | Mattyfying Papers

A little while ago I took part in a beauty swap with my friend, Charlee from MyStringaling Blog and one of the little goodies that was packed in my parcel, was these Mattyfying Papers from The Beauty Parlour. Now I've used nearly all 50 sheets that come in this adorable packaging, I can honestly say they have become quite the handbag essential and I can't imagine not ever using these again.

These little sheets of mattyifing papers, are a must for anyone who has oily to combination skin. Whenever you feel as though there is too much shine on your face, simply wipe a sheet over your shine areas, which will instantly remove any excess oil on your skin. Normally I would be one to re-apply powder any time that I feel that my makeup was falling or sliding off my face and although this is not a long process, it makes me feel that I am just adding layer upon layer off makeup, which is not the best feeling. 

I am someone who gets incredibly self conscious about shine and am forever trying to control it the best way that I can. These papers make is super easy to blot and they don't remove too much of your existing makeup or smudge it in any way. It actually leaves your skin looking pretty fresh, as though you've just applied your makeup. When I first started using these, I was a little grossed out by the amount of oil that was transferred onto the mattyfying papers once I had used them. It was shocking to see how much oil I was actually carrying on my face. But there was also that great satisfying feeling, seeing that it was no longer on my face! It only takes one sheet for the paper to do its job and its a job which can be done in around 20 seconds. I love the feeling that I'm not adding any more makeup to give me a flawless finished look.

Not only are the Mattyfying Papers beautifully packaged with The Beauty Parlour's retro 1950/60's design, they are also handbag friendly and are small enough to fit in any clutch or an evening out or your day to day bag. I take these around with my everywhere as they are so handy. Each packed contains 50 sheets and retails for £1.49 from Superdrug... Bargain. 

I love these Mattyfying papers as they really do exactly what they say on the packet and are perfect for anyone who like me, that always feels the need to blot! 

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