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Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick Collection #1 The Pinks

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lipstick* £2.99 each

Last Saturday the most amazing parcel came though the door and sent me from a sleepy lay in mode straight into lipstick heaven! If these pictures aren't enough to make you lipstick lovers swoon over your screens then keep reading because once you see these swatched I promise you that you'll be amazed. 

I'm sure most of you are aware by now the hype that's surrounding 'Makeup Revolution' if not then where have you been? Makeup Revolution is a brand that offers us beauty junkies quality but affordable makeup, if you have a few hours to spare I dare you to take a look at their website as you'll be lost in it for hours, I promise. Recently Makeup Revolution launched their 'I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipsticks' onto their site and I've been trying and testing out the collection for you guys. I'm honestly so impressed with these Lip Geek lipsticks and I just know that your going to love them too.

Firstly how amazing is the packaging? Packaged in bright neon pink and purple casing, these lipsticks are so eye catching, pretty to look at and make all my black MAC lipsticks look a little boring (sorry MAC). Not only do these lipsticks look pretty, but the formula is fabulous too. Each one of these lipsticks has a really creamy finish to them, are super pigmented and are not drying on your lips in anyway whatsoever; Even when they start to fade, they are so pigmented that they fade to a lovely stain on your lips, I can't fault them. 

As many of you know now, when it comes to lipsticks pinks are definitely my go too shades and the 'Lip Geek' collection has some gorgeous girly pinks on offer, so I thought I'd showcase them all first - So get comfy as there are quite a few to get though. 

Barbie Is Jealous

Is it just me that thinks this or is the name of this lipstick fabulous? Being a girly girl my love for Barbie will probably never fade, so to have a lipstick in my collection that is a true Barbie pink is just amazing. If Barbie was to pick a shade of lipstick I bet she would want this gorgeous shade on her lips; 'Barbie Is Jealous' is the most gorgeous bright pink fuchsia shade that just looks so gorgeous on. If you love all things pink then you need this lipstick in your life, its just stunning on and will definitely bring out the Barbie girl in you. 

Candy Rock has to be the perfect shade for those of you who adore your bright pink neon shades; this lipstick is so bold and vibrant and just looks gorgeous on your lips. I know I'll definitely be using this as a go too shade this summer. Not only will 'Candy Rock' make your lips pop and make a statement, this shade is also going to look gorgeous along side your holiday tan. This shade also has blue undertones to it, which is fabulous if your wanting to make your teeth look a little whiter. 

Again I love the name Makeup Revolution have given this lipstick, 'Marshmallow Kiss' is such a gorgeous peachy light toned pink and is going to look stunning on you girls who have fairer skin. I love how this lipstick has a slight shimmer and frost to it which adds a little more definition to your lips. Even though this shade is a little too light for me, its ever so wearable and it's a great everyday lipstick that will work with so many makeup looks. 

Ken Will Want Me

The name of this lipstick really says it all, and for me this is the most gorgeous girly pink colour and is just such a classic shade of pink; it's not too bright but not too pale either, this shade is one for everyone. If you were going on a first date then this is the shade of lipstick that you would want to be wearing - It just gives you those perfect kissable lips. If your wanting really pretty girl lips then you need this shade. Out of the whole Lip Geek collection 'Ken Will Want Me' is possibly my favourite one, I love it.

This lipstick has to be the most wearable everyday pink in the collection as its a very nude pink and gives you that 'your lips but better' look. If you love your pink toned nudes then this shade is for you. I absolutely love the colour and once on it kind of reminds me of MACS 'Lovelorn' which is an all time favourite of mine. This is just so wearable, looks really girly on and is just one of those staple pinks that every lipstick lover should have in their collection. 

Baby Doll

For me 'Baby Doll' is such a princess pink which makes this lipstick so pretty and girly. As you can see from the pictures its really light and again I think it would suit those of you with lighter skin. For such a light shade 'Baby Doll' is so pigmented which is so often not the case with this shade of lipstick. I absolutely love this colour, I just don't think lighter pinks suit me as much as the more bolder and daring shades of pink do. This lipstick also has a slight frost finish to it, but it's very subtle and just gives your lips that extra bit of definition. 

So that's all the pinks in the 'Lip Geek' collection, as you can see from the pictures they are super gorgeous, creamy and look beautiful on. These lipsticks are such great value for money, and the pigmentation of each lipstick is just amazing. If your looking to add any to your lipstick collection make sure you check out the Makeup Revolution site here.

I would love to know which of these shades are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below; and if pinks are not really your colour then keep a look out as I'll be dedicating a post to all the coral shades very soon.

Lots of Love



  1. WOAHHH..They are gorgeous! I'm so in love with Makeup Rev at the mo, they are literally taking the beauty world by storm!! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
    Enter my giveaway here!!

    1. I know they are so pretty on and feel lovely on your lips and such great value too. I am so impressed with Makeup Revolution, love them xx

  2. AMAZING POST! Ahh your photo's are beautifullllllllllll <3 I want them ALL! xxxxx

    1. Thanks babes xxxx I bet these pinks would look amazing on you Gem especially Love the Confidence xxxxxx

  3. all the colors are beautiful and the packaging is amazing!!!

  4. Love the Confidence looks like such a pretty colour x
    I love how you did pictures of them on for each one, most people don't and you can't tell what they're like on the lips :)
    Great post x

  5. Barbie is Jealous and Marshmallow Kiss look amazing! will have to grab some of these!



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